Research Interests

Generally speaking, I am interested in Representation Theory and Quantum Algebras.

More specifically, my current research interests are: Bethe ansatz method, Representation Theory of Quantum Groups, Lie Algebras and Superalgebras, and Integrable System.


See also arXiv

  1. A Drinfeld type Presentation of twisted Yangians
    (with Weiqiang Wang and Weinan Zhang), in preparation


See also MathSciNet.

  1. On Bethe eigenvectors and higher transfer matrices for supersymmetric spin chains
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  2. Schur-Weyl duality for quantum toroidal superalgebras
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  3. Completeness of Bethe ansatz for Gaudin models associated with $\mathfrak{gl}(1|1)$
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  4. A note on odd reflections of super Yangian and Bethe ansatz
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  6. Bethe ansatz equations for orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra and self-dual superspaces
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  15. On the Gaudin model associated to Lie algebras of classical types
    (with E. Mukhin, A. Varchenko), J. Math. Phys. 57 (2016), 101703, 23 pages (arXiv:1512.08524)


My Erdös Number: 4.
Paul Erdős–>Shizuo Kakutani–>Karl Endel Petersen–>A. N. Varchenko–>Kang Lu